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While I prefer my ubergirls a little more svelte, I know that "amazon-ing" them up is your trademark. Despite their size increase you d...


United States
Current Residence: Where I live
Favourite genre of music: Anything that incorporates a mandolin and a piccalo with some kickass bass!
Operating System: Currently one that crashes quite often
MP3 player of choice: iPod (only Apple product I endorse)
Shell of choice: Sea or Turtle
Wallpaper of choice: Mylar
Skin of choice: My own
Favourite cartoon character: Barney Rubble -- what an actor!!
Regarding on contest outlined here:….  I have gotten various emails with some good questions so decided to list some here, along with some other points of clarification:

What size should my entry be?
All entries should be at least A4/letter in size at a resolution no smaller than 300 dpi.  There is a good chance we'll scale them down for presentation purposes but will link to the full-sized original.

Do I Need to include a writeup with my entry? 
It is not required by the submitting artist, but short 1-3 sentence write-ups are welcome and encouraged. If you do NOT submit a writeup (again, not required), we will think up one for the picture.  The following is a sample writeup for the Invincible Beauty example (…): "In this Elseworld Fairy Tale, the good fairy Merriweather manages cast a very special spell on the spindle of the spinning wheel.  When the young princess pricks her finger as prophesized by Maleficent, she does not die or fall sleep, but instead  finds herself imbued with the strength and power of 1000 men thus becoming Invincible Beauty!" '"

How strict to the entries have to be with Kryptonian?
The powers and scenes depicted should showcase the POWERS of a Kryptonian (e.g. superstrength, invulnerability, etc), but the image does not have to involve a 'big red S' or even acknowledge Superman or Supergirl.  The word Kryptonian was used to just generalize the power set.  Again, check the sample images that are included in the original contest post:…

How many entries are we allowed?
Each submitting artist is allowed up to three (3) entries.

Can I win more than one prize if I submit multiple pics?
I like your confidence!  Sure, if you think you're good enough to pull off the trifecta, go for it!

Will my name be listed?
Yes, your name and webpage/link/email will be affixed to your posted entry unless you specifically say you do not want it to be there.

How does voting work?
Voting will be open to registered members of our website,, only.  This will help prevent any "popularity contests" or "robot voters" which sometimes taint these contests.  We also will NOT be posting the current votes until AFTER voting concludes.  This is also being done intentionally to prevent 'tampering' of vote totals.

Voters will vote for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd from all the entries.  Pts will be awarded as 3 points for first, 2 points for second, and 1 point for third.  The TOTAL number of points received will determine the final standings which will be posted on or around Oct 31st, 2014.

Where do I send my art?
Submissions can be emailed to  We recently have been having mail server issues with the account that we hope to resolve soon, but if you get bouncebacks or want to make sure we received it, you can also send a copy to  I will try and send an "email receipt" saying I've received your pic, so if you do not get one, please let me know!

What if I don't have Paypal?

Right now, Paypal is the required method of payment for the prizes.  I cannot guarantee I can fulfill other methods of payment, but if you contact me ahead of time, we MIGHT be able to come to another arrangement.

What is the "Sponsored" entry and how does that work?
The concept of the sponsored entry was conceived for the members of the website that might have a cool idea in mind but can't draw for shit!  In this scenario -- at least in my head --  the 'sponsor' would commission a piece of artwork (and pay for it) with the clear notion and agreement of entering it into the contest "together".  The commissioner and artist would agree to some kind of arrangement (50-50, 60-40, 90-10) on how they would split the profits should the piece win.  That agreement, is solely between the artist and the commissioner!  The part in the rules where I say pay outs will be made only to the artist merely was a 'safety clause' because I wanted to make sure the artist got paid and did not get screwed over.  Also, it protects against random people stealing art and saying they commissioned it.  I hope that clears things up a little bit if I was vague before.

How will my entry be used / licensed?
Your entry will be used SOLELY for posting on the site (and probably later on DA). is a completely non-profit, fan site that has no fees, no advertising, and we don't sell anything so there will be NO profit made from the contest entries.  The "ownership" of the art will remain with the artist if he/she wishes to make prints, etc.
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Zelda by VexyFate by larafan
Zelda by VexyFate

With her planet under invasion by Brainiac, Princess Zelda is captured and subjected to a series of experiments which imbues the young Royal with the powers of a full-blooded Kryptonian.  After easily escaping, she finds that Brainiac's invading army is no match for her as she single-handedly turns back the invasion and retakes her throne -- but not just as Princess Zelda of Hyrule, but as SUPER Princess Zelda of Hyrule!


Artist:  VexyFate


Batgirl by Fradarlin by larafan
Batgirl by Fradarlin

Cornered by Supergirl and Batgirl, Lex Luthor fires his "de-super-izer" at the Maid of Might. But when Batgirl throws herself in the ray-gun's path, the powers draining from Supergirl are transferred to her! Until the dauntless damsels find a way to reverse the effect, the criminals of Gotham City will come to fear a new nemesis--Super-Batgirl!


Artist:  Fradarlin


BloodRayne by EvK by larafan
BloodRayne by EvK

Rayne was thought to be half-human, half-vampire, but it turns out she's half-kryptonian, half-vampire.  In her fight against the Nazis, Rayne lifts one of the Nazi's super secret war machines high into cosmic space in order to give each of its crew members a lovely goodnight kiss amongst the stars.


Artist:  Evk


Lana Flight by kkr222 by larafan
Lana Flight by kkr222

Recently gaining the powers of Superman and Supergirl, Lana Lang starts a new life in the super hero business and becomes the newest addition to the Justice League.  With no jurisdiction, she's free to go wherever help is needed.  (1 of 3 in the series)


Artist:  KKR222


Rapunzel by Xplotter by larafan
Rapunzel by Xplotter

In this alternate universe, Mother Gothel's attempt to make a youth restoring potion from the magical healing power of Rapunzel's tears backfires as Rapunzel discovers her plan, steals the fomula, and drinks it. The young maiden soon discovers its mystical composition now grants her superhuman strength and stamina along with the ability as she flies through the skies of Corona as the new Princess of Power!


Artist:  XPlotter


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